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Slughorn's Hourglass

In HarryPotter and the Half-Blood Prince, we come across a magical hourglass where the speed of the sand falling is bound by "Quality of the conversation".

How often do we find ourselves having a quality conversation? Ofcourse, not every word that do come out of our mouth can be significant, but are they significant enough in the places that have expectation of quality? Schools, Colleges, Office Meetings, Community Gatherings, Public Speeches, TV programs.

Sometimes when the professor is just explaining everything that is in the text book word by word, he is definitely not adding any quality to the education of his students, or there are only Managers in a call, where they are "Admiring a Problem", rather than having people who are going to actually solve the problem. I do understand this might not be the case usually, but we can often find ourselves drifting from the path that leads to the destination we desired, just because we are not being mindful.

What if?

We record the conversations where it is acceptable&applicable, give that as input to LLM's and the agenda associated, to see what percentage of the time is spent addressing the issue? Even 50-60% is a great percentage, I guess!

Why should we worry about this?
  • The Students/Parents should be aware that the classes are in sync with the expected outcome of the syllabus. If not, we can learn the necessary topics on our own

  • How comfortable will you be, when your team is spending a lot of discussing about how great the problem is, or an unrelated problem in the current context, rather than the issues that need a solution on high priority?

  • How often do you want to go listen to someone speak, when all he does is make you believe he is really imparting you with great knowledge, but the speech in itself is not aligning with your goals

  • Do you really want to watch a TV program, that claims to tell you an interesting story, but majority of it is covered with content that just gives a dopamine hit (actions, gore, violence, sex) rather than giving an actual plot?


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