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AI & Bureaucracy

Let's say, you are working as an high ranking government official. On random trip to the neighbouring state/district you happen to hear, that you region is slow in everything. Officials just take too much time to complete requests. When you enquire your subordinates, they give reasons like, "Sir, we do it perfectly so we take more time/ Mam, we have outdated machines and softwares so things are taking time".

You are an honest officer, you work hard, you like to serve people, but these reasons might not let you sleep peacefully.

What if?

Everything is getting digital now and we have information about, when someone made a request, how long it took to resolve it, what are the reasons for the dealy. Let everything be captured by the system. Now, you go to a government GPT and ask, "Analyze the machine specifications with respect to the neighbouring region/ Pull the requests that are delayed, do they have something in common?". Sometimes it can be just a set of few irresponsible officers who can pull the entire department down.

If it really is old machines, you can take appropiate actions. If the requests got delayed because the civilans forget to add relevant documents, you can try to keep some informations boards in the office. If the requests that went to one particular person and they are having a difficult time in life, you can help in whatever way you can. Or if they are just being arrogant, you can just suspend/fire them


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