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Why is he so loud?

With hybrid work culture, one new issue started popping up. When all the team members were in office, you go to a meeting room, discuss and come back. But these days only few people are in office and lot of meetings are online by default.

Now you can listen that the person setting next to you is "having this blocker/ setting up the code base /still working on it, no further updates". If you are sitting next to someone who is having a serious discussion, his team's anxiety will become yours. Even better, people are now shouting into the mike while joining from home, everyone in the meeting room are running to reduce the volume.

What if?

For the online call to be optimal, the audio doesn't have to be over a certain audio level/decibel. If the meeting application itself shows

  • Speak a little louder

  • Your speaking volume is optimal

  • Please try to reduce your speaking volume

It really would reduce the 15 extra heart beats caused by the loud sound, nay, loud noise! And sometimes people don't care for small talk in their own team and they most certainly are not

interested in listening to some random team/person's small talk"


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