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Sorry, previous meeting was in another building/floor

In big tech parks, it is often the case, where different buildings are rented by the same company. Or, the company itself is big that it owns a separate campus.

During college days the schedules are fixed for the semester, so if you do have consecutive classes in different buildings, you plan accordingly or in the least you can inform the concerned person. But Senior Executives of the company have to deal with different stakeholders each day, and it will be a difficult to say, "Sorry, previous meeting was in another building/floor". Yet it happens!

What if?

The meeting applications already do capture the time of a particular meeting and the meeting room info. This makes sure that another person cannot schedule a meeting in the same time window or in the same meeting room.

Its fair to assume that it will take 5 minutes to exit any floor and to wait for the lift. And from Map data we can get the distance b/w buildings. With this info the meeting applications can calculate how much time it will take to reach the other building (use average walking speed).

So, if you are already having a meeting scheduled at building A from 2-3, and someone is trying to schedule a meeting with you at 3 in building B, the application will suggest, "Please move the meeting to 3:15 , to accommodate this person". The issue is if the person is important for a meeting, the meeting will not start until he/she arrives, so why not start at 3:15 only?


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